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Florida Boy Sickened by Deadly Amoeba Reportedly Clear of Infection

The family of the Hendry County 12-year old infected by the so-called brain-eating amoeba is reporting on Facebook that he is now free of the infection. But as there are still hurdles ahead.

The Facebook page-  Pray For Number Four- Zachary Reyna says that on Wednesday, the family was told the 12-year old Hendry County boy is now clear of the amoeba-but the post says quote- extensive damage was done to his brain. It asks that people continue to pray for him.  Reyna is one of two 12-year olds infected with the naglearia fowleri amoeba this summer. The other case is in Arkansas. The amoeba is found in warm, fresh water, and although infection is rare, it’s almost always fatal. But Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Epidemiologist Dr. Jennifer Cope says a potential new treatment became available for these two cases. “That’s been an exciting development this summer that we’ve been able to get this investigational drug called miltefosine and have it here at CDC, it is investigational meaning it’s not yet licensed,” she says.

90.7 News contacted Miami Children’s Hospital, where Reyna is reportedly being treated, but the hospital says it can not release any information about the case.  The Florida and  Arkansas infections happened just weeks apart. The 12-year olds are now two of only four people known to have survived this infection.  


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