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Rollins College Attracting Students Interested in Health and Science Professions

A posh new hotel opening in downtown Winter Park is actually an arm of Rollins College. The Alfond Inn was built specifically to fund the Alfond Scholars Program in what the college says is a unique funding model. Rollins officials say the scholarship, coupled with new health and science offerings, should help the liberal arts college recruit some of the country's top students.

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[A view of The Alfond Inn's rooftop pool]

The new Alfond Inn is impressive and luxurious but it’s only one of two ambitious projects Rollins College is launching this fall. The school is also opening its new Archibald Granville Bush Science Center. Rollins Vice President for Business and Finance Jeff Eisenbarth says the Alfond Inn and the science center are equally important in recruiting students interested in the health professions.

“Either one on its own would have been the largest project in Rollins history, but we’ve done them both at the same time.  But that to me is the strong connection to the sciences and the Alfond with the ability to use those scholarships to recruit those with interest in the science fields and technology,” says Eisenbarth.

The Alfond Scholarship is a merit scholarship open to any major. Rollins is also launching a new minor in global health this fall- which Eisenbarth says is a direct response to student requests. He says Rollins is also looking at Orlando’s growing medical city and how the college might play a role in that through its Hamilton Holt School aimed at working professionals. 


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