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Low Income Children In Florida Lack Basic Dental Care

Florida's low-income children are the least likely of all U-S kids to receive dental care- that's according to a new report released by the Pew Children's Dental Campaign.

[Typical tools used for basic dental care]

The report says in 2011-  75-percent of Florida’s Medicaid children went without seeing a dentist- in part because so few of the state's dentists take Medicaid. Orange County Health Department spokesman Dain Weister said his agency is taking steps to help alleviate the problem. “This study was from 2011, so that’s already two years ago from now, and we feel there have been some changes that are already turning these figures around,” he said.

The health department operates a fixed clinic to provide dental care to uninsured children, along with a mobile dental unit that visits schools to care for kids on free and reduced lunch. Weister says in 2011, the state also cleared the way for dental hygienists to coat children’s teeth with protective sealants.


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