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Florida Voters Say No to Amendments

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November 7, 2012 | WMFE - Florida voters turned away all but three of the eleven proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot Tuesday including one that would have repealed the state's ban on public funding for religious organizations.

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Supporters said the amendment would advance religious freedom. Opponents said it would have diverted scarce resources away from the state’s public schools.

Joie Cadle, president of the Florida School Boards Association, says voters made it clear that they don’t want taxpayer money funding religious schools.
“They have some concerns about school vouchers and they have spoken pretty clearly that they do not want this change in the Florida Constitution.” Cadle said.

They didn’t want most of the other changes proposed by the state legislature either but voters did approve three of the proposals.

Those amendments allow certain property tax breaks for the military veterans and their families, first responders and low-income seniors.

Florida requires the support at least 60 percent of the voters to approve a constitutional amendment.



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