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Martin family lawyer calls for "Trayvon Amendment" to Stand Your Ground

Benjamin Crump, the lawyer representing Trayvon Martin's parents, spoke to the Florida governor's task force on citizen safety and protection during a public hearing at the Northland Church in Longwood.

The taskforce was set up by Florida’s governor Rick Scott following public outcry after Martin’s death. George Zimmerman said he was acting in self defense when he shot the teenager.

Crump asked the panel to consider what he calls the Trayvon Martin amendment to the law.
 “You can not be the pursuer, you can not be the aggressor and say that you were standing your ground. What a horrible message that sends to society.”
Trayvon Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin also spoke to the taskforce, asking for the Stand Your Ground law to be changed.

The head of the taskforce, Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll, says the panel will keep an open mind while it gathers feedback on the law.

Several speakers told the panel during the public comment portion of the meeting Tuesday afternoon that Stand Your Ground is a good law, and while it may sometimes be misinterpreted, it should not be changed.

Task force member State Senator David Simmons, who helped write the Stand Your Ground law said its intent was always to protect innocent people against criminals.


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